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A healthy environment is essential to productive animals and optimal efficiency. Profile Animal Heath develops natural solutions to improve environmental and digestive health. Our solutions help mitigate a broad-spectrum of challenges without the use of antibiotics or chemicals. Profile’s patented Micronized Porous Ceramic Technology (MPCT) process is leading the way in elevating performance and profitability for poultry and livestock producers.

Power Guard, Profile Products Livestock Feed Additive.

Feed Additive

U.S. and Canada

Digestive health and feed conversion rates are often dependent on the smallest particle in feed formulations. Production processes, nutrient delivery, and feed additive supplementation are all equally important to realizing optimal digestive health and performance.

PowerGuard is a unique feed additive developed from natural sources and processed in a proprietary manner to offer the most efficient, highest-performing solution available today.

PowerGuard represents the latest natural and sustainable advancements in agriscience and porous ceramic clay technology. Processed clays have been used in the animal feed industry for years as flow agents and carriers. Our unique clay composition and patented refinement process ensure broad-spectrum support for the challenges faced by today’s nutritionists.


Profile Environmental Care Logo, a Bacterial and Moisture Inhibitor for Animals and Livestock

Moisture & Bacterial Mitigation / Bedding & Litter Enhancement

U.S. and Canada

Designed to provide protection against:




Small Animal

Hoof health; shoe loss; White Line disease; dermatitis, slippage injury hazards

Bacterial foot infections, Salmonella, E. Coli; pneumonia; slippage injury hazards

Salmonella; E. Coli; dermatitis; foot pad lesions; ammonia

Abscesses; ammonia; dermatitis

Profile Environmental Care provides immunology support through the overall improvement of conditions of pens, stalls, and houses you rely on for productive and healthy animals. Robust condition improvements remove immune system stress allowing for greater energy and feed value to support growth and production.

Diagram displaying the usage of Profile Environmental care as a litter treatment as a bacteria inhibitor and moisture barrier.
Profile Environmental Care litter treatment to improve the condition of pens, stalls, and houses.
Bedding Material
Profile Environmental Care


Mycotoxin & Biotoxin Feed Additive

Not available in the U.S. or Canada

TerraShield offers superior protection against mycotoxins in ruminant, swine, and poultry operations. This patented feed additive offers the proven performance of porous ceramic clays to produce a binder against Salmonella, E.Coli, Zearalenone (ZEA), Aflatoxins, and any number of additional challenges faced by nutritionists today.

TerraShield binding technology is proven mitigation for Salmonella (pictured) and other toxins.

Relative Risk

Recommended Usage Rates

Mild Risk (No Challenges Known)

1kg Per Metric Ton Of Feed

Moderate risk (Potential Challenges, No Signs)

2kg Per Metric Ton Of Feed

Extreme Risk (Known Challenges with signs)

3kg Per Metric Ton Of Feed


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Profile believes that our customers deserve to know how a product adds value to their business. From the largest integrator to the smallest farm, we can assist you in performing application trials that will allow you to assess the value of our Animal Health products in your operation. To learn more about how our Animal Health products or any other Profile technology can help you become more sustainable or more profitable, please contact us today.

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